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We are passionate about eSports and are committed to providing advice, support and inspiration to those involved in the industry. Our belief is that proper guidance and expert advice adds genuine value to the eSports industry and that Legamedary eSports Agency is a valuable contribution to the organisations, companies and clients in the industry.

Event Management

We help event organizers create the ultimate eSports experience for their clients. We help to organize tournaments, matches, ladders and leagues for casual, amateur, semi-pro and pro-gamers.

Talent Management

We focus on finding and inspiring new talent. Some of our initiatives offer job opportunities within the industry, others provide a platform to showcase your talent and others give you the chance to network with key industry professionals. We also have the resources to help you pursue your passion and we'll make sure you'll find your place in the eSports industry.

Sponsorship Acquisition

Sponsorships can be a substantial and stable source of revenue for gamers when monetized appropriately. Legamedary utilizes its eSports industry knowledge and connections to actively seek and acquire sponsorship opportunities for its clients. Targeted sponsorship acquisition is essential for branding.

Video Broadcasting

The success in eSports is not only about playing, it's also to provide the entertainment to your fans. Our experience in Video Broadcasting helps us to provide the best solutions for players to reach their audience. If you ever wanted to be a professional streamer, you're in the right place to start.

Career Planning

Every professional eSports career must come to an end, but preparation creates opportunities beyond the playing career. At Legamedary, our career planning begins immediately to ease a potential transition out of playing at any time and for any reason. Additionally, Legamedary will stay with you beyond your playing days, continuing to help you take advantage of your professional gaming career long after your last pro match has ended.




Former eSports content producer and director. Also a gamer and huge MMO and RPG fan. He's open minded and likes to act quickly and efficiently.



One of the most passionate MOBA player with huge experience which could helps as well as begginers and advanced players. He's very communicative, positive and flexible person.


We connect brands to gamers. We are Legamedary!

Who are we?

Legamedary eSports Agency is an eSports agency based in Koszalin, Poland servicing an european eSports community of professional gamers in all aspects of their careers. Legamedary is not a marketing company. Our focus is to provide the best contract terms possible while giving individualized attention to our clients' needs, whatever they may be. At Legamedary, we want our clients to worry about being the best at their games, while we worry about getting them the best compensation and contracts. Legamedary was founded in March, 2016, by Marcin Lubelfeld, a lifelong gamer and a former eSports event director. Marcin recognized the need for gamers to have effective representation at all stages of their career. Professional gamers have been substantially underpaid by teams, tournament bodies, and sponsors alike. Legamedary was established to get these gamers the compensation and contracts they deserve.


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